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    Can we talk about Ai’s pocket cat shirt?

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    Ahhhhhh!! I'm so excited you're taking SouMako promts! I love that pairing so much (I read your last soumak ficklet and it was very cute!!)! Ahhh, thank you~! What about SouMako in which some one on the Samezuka swim team accidentally pushes over/ crashes into Makoto during a joint practice and he gets a cut or something and Sousuke takes it upon himself to bring him to the infirmary? :D
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    "Can you seriously do it all, Yamazaki-kun?" Makoto asked in disbelief, climbing out of the water to see Sousuke emerging beside him. "Your backstroke caught up to me."

    "Almost. The operative word is almost," Sousuke snorted, running his fingers through his hair to shake out the extra droplets. "It’s not my strong suit, but that kid wanted to practice his butterfly."

    Makoto glanced over at that kid, who was flailing around with his hands in his shock of orange hair, groaning over his own slow time. “Ah, is he going to be okay?” Makoto asked, reaching out a hand almost without thinking as Momotarou flopped himself down onto the tile. “Be careful, the tile is —”

    One utter spazz of a leg-flail later, Makoto was also on the ground, wincing as the rough tile scraped his back.

    "Oh no! Tachibana-kun, are you okay?" Momotarou rolled to sit at Makoto’s side, looming over him, worry in his wide eyes. But then Makoto saw a large hand pull Momotarou back before a different face blocked his vision.

    "Tachibana, are you hurt?" Sousuke frowned, glancing sideways at Momotarou, his expression going fierce for a second. "And you. This should teach you something, shouldn’t it, about being dramatic?"

    "Yes! I’m really sorry, Tachibana-kun!" Momotaro dropped his head, and Sousuke sighed.

    "There’s no helping it." Sousuke extended his hand. "Off to the infirmary with you. I’ll walk you there."

    Makoto blinked up at the proffered hand and the surprisingly gentle expression. What Makoto knew about Yamazaki he could fit in a teacup, and the warmth was a surprise. Makoto let Sousuke pull him to his feet, eyes still caught by Sousuke’s face. It was a second before he remembered to let go of Sousuke’s hand.

    "Momo — get Tachibana his towel."

    By then, Haruka and Rin had returned from their lap of freestyle, and Makoto realized that Haruka’s head was popping up from the edge of the pool, clearly wondering where his normal hand-up was. Nitori reached down instead, meeting Haruka’s raised eyebrow with a sheepish expression. “Ah, sorry, Nanase-kun. My idiot kouhai accidentally hurt Tachibana-kun, and he’s got to head to the —”

    "Makoto. Are you okay?" Haruka cut Nitori’s explanation short, heading to Makoto’s side.

    "Ah, it’s fine. You keep practicing, okay? Sousuke will walk me to the —"

    "I’ll go with you."

    "Do you even know where the infirmary is?" Sousuke asked Haruka, his expression changing yet again to something that Makoto couldn’t place. Wariness?

    At Haruka’s silence, Sousuke turned, gripping Makoto’s wrist to tug him along. “C’mon.”

    Makoto let himself be led. Really, Sousuke didn’t give him much room to say no. Looking back over his shoulder, he saw Rin touch Haruka’s shoulder.

    "Oy, come on, he’s in good hands, worrywart. Come do more freestyle — unless you’re out of condition and need a rest?"

    "I’m not concerned," Haruka responded, and then the door closed behind Makoto and they were in a school corridor.

    It was strange padding through the darkened halls of a school in nothing but a bathing suit. Makoto felt a bit shy, all of a sudden, but at least it was after-hours in a boy’s school, and the most attention he got were a few muttered “Holy shit, look at his pecs!”

    He was blushing, however, by the time they made it to the infirmary.

    Nobody was there because it was so late, but Sousuke seemed to know his way around the place.

    "Where’s the scrape?"

    "Ah — my back." Makoto turned, pointing to abrasions on his lower back.

    "Stay still."

    Sousuke really was a mystery, Makoto thought. He kept trying to drag up memories of this guy and failing. Was he around Iwatobi during the years when Makoto had been courted by the basketball team, and Haruka was swimming a lot his own? Makoto bit his lip, trying to remember, when he realized that gentle hands were finally touching his skin.

    "Ahh —"

    The hands immediately stilled. “Does it hurt?”

    "I admit that my back is sensitive," Makoto replied, and realized that he was blushing again. What a thing to say to another guy.

    "I’ll go slowly then." Sousuke’s voice was even softer behind him.

    Makoto’s blush increased, and he shook his head. What was it about this guy’s voice? “Don’t bother about that. It’s kind of you to even —”

    "More people should treat you carefully," Sousuke said, and Makoto felt fingers easing the patch of plaster around his scrape. Sousuke’s thumbs rubbed around each corner of the bandage, tamping it against Makoto’s skin, and the feeling of his thumbs made an involuntary shiver course through Makoto’s body.

    The touches immediately stopped again.

    "I hurt you again, didn’t I."

    "No. It, well, wasn’t that. Just — my back is really sensitive. Thank you for your trouble though —" Makoto half-turned, only to realize just how close Sousuke was standing to him, both of them still in their legskins, bodies still wet from the water.

    And because of how they were standing, Sousuke’s fingers slid around his waist and weren’t letting go.

    "Tachibana, I —"

    Footsteps sounded from down the hall, and two sets of voices.

    "He’s fine, I promise, Haru —"

    "I don’t care, Rin. He’s my friend. I’ll put any bandaid on him that he needs."

    Laughing, Makoto took a half-step back from Sousuke, although the other guy wasn’t moving an inch. Sousuke’s eyes bored into Makoto’s, making the blush deepen down his chest.

    "Were you going to say something?" Makoto asked, wondering why he was feeling so damned flustered all of a sudden. His heartbeat felt so loud…

    Haruka and Rin stepped through the door and paused when they saw the two standing there, so close, Sousuke’s fingers still reaching for the skin of Makoto’s waist.

    Sousuke glanced sideways. “Not anymore. Next time, Tachibana.” He turned, heading toward the door, passing by Haruka’s side with the slightest shoulder nudge. “He’s all patched up, Nanase. As good as new.”

    Makoto noticed the tiny curl of Haruka’s lip, and Rin’s hand rising to cover his face.

    "Sousuke — why do you always have to sound like an utter jerk whenever you and Haru —" Rin turned to follow his friend, and Makoto headed up to Haruka.

    "He was gentle, it was fine," Makoto said, turning to show Haruka the neatly applied bandage.

    Haruka shook his head. “That’s not it, and I’m not explaining it to you.”


    "He looks at you the way I look at mackerel."


    "Never mind."


    @kashitaro_ito: あ、いや、下着は必要だね!
    @kashitaro_ito: Ah, no, wearing underwear is really important!

    @soraruru: @kashitaro_ito 下着はむしろいらなくない?
    @soraruru: Shouldn’t it be the opposite — that wearing underwear is not important?

    @kashitaro_ito: @soraruru そ、そらるさん、表でその趣味は出してはいけませぬよ…!
    @kashitaro_ito: So-soraru san, it’s not good to show your interest in these things out in the open…!!

    @soraruru: @kashitaro_ito でもズボンと上着を着たら下着っているかな?
    @soraruru: But i wonder if people still wear underwear despite having trousers and shirts on?

    @kashitaro_ito: @soraruru これは、もはや哲学ですね…!僕個人の意見としては、はいてないと落ち着かないのでいる、です。そらるさんクラスにはまだ遠いんです…!

    @kashitaro_ito: This… is already about philosophy..! In my opinion, not wearing them makes me feel really uncomfortable. Soraru is really of a different class…!




    they’re too powerful